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Award Winning TV Auctioneer Walt Cade
Colonel Walt Cade.
Television shows aired in 27 countries and 15 languages

Walt Cade, ATS, BAS, CES
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In addition to being licensed in several states, Walt is a disguished holder of the BAS designation from the National Auctioneers Association. There are only 200 such individuals in the world. This assures you that you will have the very best in your charity, benefit, or fundraiser. Walt is available to meet with your committee or team and with discussion or even video presentations. This aid your team in not only putting together a great auction, but also all around fundraising ideas for your entire event.
Major Tip: Do NOT wait until after dinner or after entertainment to raise money. Why? Its too late and by that time many of your guests are tired, inattentive or worst yet gone. You can not raise money when your supporters are driving home in their car! It is imperative to strategically schedule your Live Auction and Fund a Need Appeal EARLY in the event when your guests are attentive, awake and ready to bid. You will maximize fundraising when you position your Live Auction and Fund a Need Appeal before or during dinner. Save awards and entertainment for your grand finale.
Walt is part of a nationwide network of fundraising professionals that he is very actively involved in. Be it learning, sharing or teaching, Walt gives back every way he can. Walt is dlighted to meet with you and even your committee to make this a superb event.
FREE? There are lot's of free auctioneers out there and Walt is not one of them. Often, You get what you pay for, or don't pay for. Please be prepared to work to bring in the nicer auction items, otherwise you may not need Walt. He commands the big money for the big ticket items.
Not just a fully licensed and bonded auctioneer. Walt is entertaining and performs a complete and full Auction show. All the while commanding and raising money for your benefit or charity! If you have a few items that you want auctioned off to raise a few bucks, you may not be ready for the next level. Walt is serious about raising money for you. If you are just looking for an auctioneer to add nostalgia to your even, keep looking. This is a full Auction Showdown. Want to know for real? Just call references get the real deal.
Always something new and fresh! Call Walt at the beginning of your event planning to get the most out of his ability and great TV name in collection of donations. More will give, and more will give bigger items as they know Walt will get top dollar for their items for your benefit, and not embrass them or their donated item. When your donors are approched by your members, you will find the donors will give more and faster when they find Walt will be selling their items.
Fully portable, complete and self contained, when necessary, Walt has a full concession, a full and portable Auction trailer with money/change counters and counterfiet detection systems and even Safe-Vault for those big cash days, a Full auction team, capable of running multiple auctions on the same day with multiple set up crews. A complete team to do the job just right.
Yes, Walt comes at a price. Costs just cant be ignored, so he just cant work for free, But he will pay for himself many times over. If you are just looking for an Auctioneer to just go thru the motions, there are lot's to choose from. But if you want money, the BIG MONEY, The full values and many times the numbers, get on with the real McCoy, so be serious if you want big returns, then it's time for the Big Guns! Are you ready?.....Ham'R Up ! Let's Go !
Walt brings in the crowds! The big donations! He controls and mesmurizes the crowd, he moves into the crowd, he goes into their minds and teaches them how important it is to give good honest hard earned dollars to a true need. He engages the crowd. When possible, he includes a big autograph and picture signing event at the end of his auction. The kids love him! Families love him! Young and old alike. When he's done, he has to have a driver as he is so mentally and physically drained and is incapable of driving himself most of the time. He puts on an exhausting and riveting, yet emotional event.
What does he do? Fired with a tremendious drive and ambition for a total success, Walt brings people together with love and hope. He studies the victim(s) of the event. Then he delivers the money that is so needed for the event success. Whatever it takes, Walt has the energy, the craving, and the expertise to bring what is needed. Usually arriving early moving about the folks in the crowd, he is there in hopes of breaking Records. Making the quota, but most of all he will raise the bar so high it's impossible to duplicate.
Breaking records and taking names, Just ask;

"Bringing Home The Browns" Walt was expected to be the Auctioneer, and they instead choose a local community auctioneer. But Walt shows up and signs Autographs for fans anyway, as a result, 1 local jewelry store heard about it and raised another $10,000 to be included!

Easton 15 yr old boy, Had a rifle donated with a value of $500, walt got the loving donor to agree to buy it back at auction $2400 right back to the donor, the donor then donated it back again direct to Easton.

Steven, Walt collects over $5000 for a ring, then gives it to Steven, who places it on his wifes finger in a tearjerking loving memorial, Steven passed away only a few days later, an amazing man whom leaves behind an adorable wife and tiny baby. Closing Auction totals tripled projections.

Savannah, The auction ran $4,000 short of it's goal, Walt pulls out a diamond ring worth $800 and sells it for over $6,800 and then donates it to the persons they were raising the money for. The total auction was expected to bring $12,000 or so, Walt brought it up to over $38,000

Trisha, Walt sold a $1200 ring for $5000 and then had it donated where it was put on her finger in a tearjerking display. Big totals!

Harold, a single parent of 2, lost his life in a freak 4 wheeler accident. Walt sold several items and had them donated back by the high bidder, nearly doubling the estimates. Walt's auction even bought national attention and the children's new caregiver was offered a share of a children's endowment of over $50,000 from a nationally recognized Children's Group.

Little 3 year Old Jeremy where Walt passed a bucket and collected money that had a curse on it! $4000 worth of cold hard cash and relieved everyone of the famed auctioneers curse! Just fun of course! No real curse!

Myla welcomed Walt's launching of his T-shirts out of the Auction Cannon out into the crowd, in an amazing display of a first time bazzar event!

Triston, Where Walt sold a box of Dollar bills to the crowd, then the mysteriously turned into $20 dollar bills right in front of the crowd, then had the buyer donate it back to Tristan. No real magic, Walt's not a magician, or is he? Month's later donations from Walt's friends we still coming in from as far away as Colorado.

Lewis, a young Cancer Survivor, had a projection of $10,000 and Walt Shows up with checks in his pocket with more than that amount before the auction even begin.

A religous organization who struggled to pay costs, and Walt announced, after the auction, that a local power had agreed to underwrite the entire cost of the event making it expense free!!!!!

Hear about Walt taking all the T-Shirts remaining for the event for sale at $12 and selling them for $100 - $250 each! The people wanted MORE !!!!! Sold out! Sorry!



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