Mobile Auction Center.

Its the latest greatest of the Auction Action Industry. "MAC" is designed by Colonel Walt Cade and factory built according to his specifications. Fully self sufficient, with on board hot and cold water, electric, AC/Heat, and sliding access windows, for both Concession and Cashiering, seperately. It is industry approved for full concession, full Auction cashiering, Auction Security, Auction Clerking Support, Auction Lotting, and much much more. The unit is not marked so as to allow temporary signage specific to each auction. Unit can be locked and secured as to keep out guests if need be, or the main door can be used to allow them to enter and sit at a table and sign in or pay out, if desired. The inside is fresh cool clean and neat. An auctioneer can brodcast live back to the MAC unit the live auction information for clerking, and/or even video, so bidders can grab a snack and not miss any action.

Loaded and ready with Tables, chairs, Pa System, several in field PA Systems, 2 way radio systems, Multi Channel TV and CCTV survelience, Portable AC/Heat Systems, Refrigeration, Ice Machine, Computers, Printers, Calculators, Copiers, Large Fans and Heaters for bidders, Safe, Auction Signage, and accessories such as extension cords, and power strip are also included

Yes All equipment is available for lease to any Auctioneer, by the day or even half day, if you like.
Auction Utility Vehicle,

is Also Available, which is essentially a golf cart on steroids for use with large auctions such as farm and equipment sales.

Other Equipment

Is available to move small auction items from one location to another securely. Fully enclosed. 20' long, well maintained to take care of safe moves and or auction equipment, when necessary. 25' Equipment mover, Dual Axle, Dovetail, Gooseneck, Drive-on ramps, Equipment Trailer for moving Farm equipment to the Auction Site, yes we have a fork lift if needed. Brand new and top of the line. Fully equiped with booms, chains, staps, and tie downs. 18' Winch trailer designed for moving cars and heavy equipment that may need to be loaded or winched onto a trailer. Yes it has on board ramps. Of course we have dump trailers, Forklift Equipment, and Small equipment hauling, Often we are responsible to remove items necessary to sell other items like junk and trash, sometimes even HazMat items that we need to have removed, Often we are under pressure to clear an aution site and a bidder cant get his merchandise moved timely, well we are there if he needs us. So Yes we have the equipment to handle your job.

So as you can see, with our equipment fleet, we are prepared for any auction problem !!!!!



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