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11/22/23 Sue Wise: Lots of goodies at a bargain. Thank You

11/20/23 Beth McAlister :Love you guys. Always top treatment and great stuff up for auction.

11/19/23 Stacy Greer: Great day for me. I landed some awesome bargains. Love the Taylor Girl too.

07/19/23 Betty Graham: These people took in all my moms stuff and sold at an online auction. I was apprehensive at first, but my check suprised me. More money that I expected. Im happy and my family is happy. Thank You.

03/19/23 M Sinclair: What a great Father's Day. My kids got together and handed me a key and a photo to a Storage Unit they bought for me from you. I can wait to see it. Looks amazing from the photo

6/14/23 K Maxwell: I thought I had won a bid on one item in online auction so I bought more items. I was the high bidder and watched the item close with my bid being the highest. When I got my invoice the item was not included. There was no reserve posted on the item. Be aware when you bid.
Response from Company: Thank you for your business, and thank you for your coments. We will have someone review your comments .

03/19/23 Tom Dickerson: Hope you will do more pallet auctions. We did real well with the pallet we bought from you.

03/01/23 May Fountain: Love your staff, The girls are sooooo sweet.

02/25/23 Lacy C: Amasing deals we got this week. Fantastic Auctions.

02/10/23 Bill S: Great Job on our auction, Thank You.

12/28/22 Mokey A: Great job selling my mom's things. Almost double what we expected. We are looking forward to doing it again with some of me and Ashley's stuff. Look for us soon.

12/20/22 Trudy C: 5 Years in a row and you continue to break records for our church fundraiser. We will see you again next year..

12/21/22 Jay P: Fantastic job raising money for our fundraiser. We are already making plans to vae you back next year.

12/20/22 Lucy Bertram: You guys rock.

12/13/22 Niecey Pilgrim: Just picked up my unit in Baytown, Tx from your online auction. I found 3 guns in there and am delighted. But do I get to keep them?
Response from Company: Yes in the state of Texas, unless you are prohibited from legally carrying a firearm, the facility has a superior lien and therfore legally sells you the contents including any firearms.

12/13/22 Jonathan B: Horrible Customer Service. I do not ever recommend purchasing from them. I called them to ask about the CC issue and they blocked my number. I had to call from another number. They still have my CC info and will not provide documentation that they have removed it from their system.
Response from Company: You must have a valid credit card to use our services. It also cannot be declined by your bank. We do not store credit card information. For questions concerning your card balance or it's security, please contact your bank.

11/12/22 Vera Colburn: Thank you for being our auctioneer for our annual fundraiser. Thanks to you we raised over $200,000 for the kids. Doubled what we did last year and also doubled our goal. You can bet we will have you back again next year. Thank you so very much.

11/11/22 Mike Corrigan: Thank you for being there, Your benefit auctions are amazing.

11/10/22 Cami Larkin: These people are so kind. Especially Melissa. She looks up everything and knows her stuff. She's smart and sweet.

11/09/22 Roscoe Matthews: Awesome group of people. Super excited to get my stuff sold by this team. I made good money. Thank you Walt & Gang for all your hard work.

08/18/22 Sue Griffin. Thank you for a great Estate Auction for my mom's Estate. Almost double what I expected. Your ladies that work for you are so nice.

07/13/22 Bob Jenkins. Such great people. I just scored a nice cooler for a great price for our restaurant. Couldnt be happier.

05/11/22 Mike Reeves: Im elated, Boy did I get some good bargains. I wish I would have bought more. Lots of cool tools and all worked as they should. I bought 40v power tools for less than the cost of the battery alone.
Response from Company: Thank You and glad you got a great bargain.

5/10/22 Matilda Humphries: This dude cracks me up. He's so damn full of himself! And doesn't even begin to describe him. Falsifying his popularity and the crappy shows he's been on just tops the cake. But his STAFF is just WONDERFUL! And the purchases can be really great as well.
Response from Company: Thank You and glad you love our people our guys and gals that work for us are paramount to our success. We have no record of anyone with this name ever doing business with us as a registered bidder for any auction.

03/14/22 Mike Simpson: Great deals, really cool prices and great staff. Love these people

12/01/21 Jacob Murray: This is the best place to get great deals. I have been with Walt and his crew for 3 years now and try to never miss an auction. The folks that work there are the best. They answer the phone when I can which is a relief if I have a real question

08/09/21 Ellen Tanner: I love coming to your auctions, and I love your online auctions

06/20/21 Bob Shoemake: Amazing auctions. Where you do get all your stuff?

03/20/21 Mittie Hutchins: Hi Walt. Just wanted to thank you for helping me and for the auction. I must say I think you operate one class act. Couldn't have asked for a better auction, and meeting a nicer person. Thanks again, use me as referral, and if you don't mind, I would love to recommend you. Take care.

12/20/20 Tim Vandenberg: Wonderful experience, good deals too

12/08/20 John Gillespie: Great Auctioneer

10/18/20: Lesia Forsyth: You guys are great.

10/14/20 Troy Morgan: So much fun

10/08/20 Lesia Forsyth: What a great experience going to his auctions

09/22/20 Gail Tudor: great people

04/24/20 Russell Drago: Walt Cade is best auctioneer I know and a great friend he will never steer you wrong and always do you right thanks Walt Cade Your Forever Friend Drago County Line MC lake of the Pines

03/31/20 Mike Martin: Looks like all the negative reviews have been removed so probably a waste of time writing this. Just another sign of a crooked operation. Won a $2 baseball card and because of the pandemic, could not drive to Longview to pickup. Charged me $16. Should have told me this up front.
Response from Company #1. We refunded our handling fees this customer complained about. Did not request any further resolution. Asked customer what it takes to further make him happy and had no response. After another of our reps contacted him he was still unhappy with what the post office charged him
Response from Company #2. After speaking with customer again we have refunded ALL his Charges. (Item,Handling,Shipping, and Sales Tax).

03/27/20 Donna Joiner Mcgrath: Y'all are always professional and polite, give and get respect!

03/25/20 Pat Arnold: I have never been treated badly by any person associated with Walt Cade Auctions. Your doing great Walt. Keep on keeping on.

0325/20 Shawn Suzanne Young: You have the nicest staff of people to work with. You cant make them all happy.

03/24/20·Charles J White: Pleasant experience and always a pleasure to deal with.

03/23/20 Lynn Johnston: Walt Cade has a super team...there are jerks everywhere....just state your piece and move on....those type of folks you can not make happy....Bill Watson would tell you the same thing.....Walt you and your folks are doing a awesome job...

03/11/20 ·Carl McDowell: Good experience, easy to deal with

03/11/20 Lainie Allen: Absolutely love the online auctions! It is easy to use and I have gotten some great deals. Everyone is very friendly and helpful when picking items up. I will definitely continue to check them out for more great deals in the future!

01/08/20 Bob Thompson: Great people to work with. Love my items I won at auction

10/03/19 ·Shelby Susan Chamberlain: The best I Know at a fair price!!

06/19/19 Tom Grant: Wow I found a bunch of coins in my storage unit I won at your auction. Ill be back at your auctions soon!

06/17/19 ·Kari Davis: Walt is always fair and does a great job with his auctions

02/09/19 ·Justin Grimes: Finally got out to one of Walts live auctions and its a blast.

12/05/18 Jerry Jenkins: Walt is great and a ton of fun. Loved getting to meet him after seeing his TV show.

04/01/18 Paula Odgen Cochran: I love this one better than the other one He is so easy-going thank you

03/31/18 ·Amy Lynn Britmore: These folks aim to please. They leave no stone unturned in getting your auction together. It is an honor to know them. If you need an auction. These are your go to people!!

03/24/18 ·Bobby Hedowski: Fantastic bunch of people. It's been a long time coming for me to post something nice. Ive been to hundreds of auctions but this is a first class auctioneer. Not only a World known guy but a down to earth easy to talk to guys. Best yet I made some great buys at his auctions.

02/22/18 Karina Ruiz: Amazing 5 Stars!

01/13/18 Lisa Harlem: The absolute best auctioneer and the best auctions anywhere to be found. No doubt. After all he is the Best in the World. The Famous TV Auctioneer Walt Cade.

11/10/17 Scott Williams Awesome !!!!

11/08/17 Anthony Azizi: Great friend and auctioneer

11/06/17 ·Scott Williams: 5 Stars to you guys.

08/22/17 Nina Pierce: So sad we moved away. The auctions here are just nothing like they are in Texas. Maybe one day we can move back.

07/10/17 Amanda Brooke Dixon: Five Stars

04/17/17 Alysia Amerson: Super auction and great time. Made a bunch of $$$$

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