Walt Cade Auctions is a live and online auction company, allowing storage facilities to have their choice of auctions. This can eliminate the live auctions or enhance an existing live auction.

Are you ready to post an auction?
Before you have an online auction you have to make sure to follow the lien laws in your state as normal, the only difference is you must state the auction is being held online at Walt Cade Auctions (where you would normally have your address) and choose the ending date.

Prepare to Send to us
Once your lien notices are sent out you can cut the locks, take as many photos of the unit contents as possible, and put a locking ID tag in place on the unit. If you do not have locking ID tags we will provide them for you. Our email is

Getting higher bid values
Digital photos must be in high-resolution
Photos should be in landscape position
Photos should be taken with flash ON – whether inside or outside
Take at least 6 photos:
1 = Main photo of total unit contents (standing back from unit door)
3 = Photos dividing storage unit into 3 sections as you face it.
1 = Photos of anything that seems to have high value
1 = Photo of security lock with its’ number to show unit was re-sealed
NOTE: DO NOT take photo of storage unit number as a security issue.

Selling your storage units.
Once the time runs out and your unit sells, the winning bidder is sent an email to contact us. We will charge their credit card and send them a paid invoice to bring to you to retrieve their unit. The buyer must contact the facility within 48 hours to clear the unit. All you need do is confirm it's paid. If for some reason we do not pre collect, we may have them pay you cash at the facility, in which case we will bill you for our commission.

How much does it cost?
The fee to use Walt Cade Auctions is minimal. Once a storage unit sells, there is a 10% charged to the bidder. This fee is either charged directly to the credit card on file or the bidder will receive an invoice. We will deduct our commmission and pay you the balance, or if for some reason you collect, we will bill you the 10%. If the unit does not sell, there is no fee. In the case the tenant pays off their account balance and the unit needs to be cancelled, We will remove it from auction with no charge up until 5 days prior to auction end date, after which the fee is $10. The cancellation fee should be passed on to the delinquent tenant as an “auction fee”. If you have questions about how to pass the fee on to the past due tenant please call our office.

What about sales tax; who takes care of that?
We collect all sales tax when paid to us. If for any reason they pay at your facility, we will bill that to you, or deduct from your other proceeds, for payment to us.

What about a cleaning deposit?
Let us know if you want to do this. Normally, we discourage cleaning deposits as if they leave items behind in the unit, just send us a photo, and we will deny them future bidding until they pay you for any expenses you incurr in emptying the unit.

Can we set a minimum bid?
The minimum bid for all auctions is $10.

Auctions posted online are exclusive to Walt Cade Auctions.
This is the only place bidding will occur. If you have interested buyers please direct them to create an account on and they can bid in fair competition on the site. Any advertising or that which is required by law will be your responsibility and must include that the auction is being held online at

How many units must we have to put up for auction at one time?
There is no minimum or maximum number of units for your auctions.

Can we sell manager or abandoned units on Walt Cade Auctions?
If so, how much time are they posted online for? You can post these units. In this case the timing is entirely up to you as the lien notice has no effect.

What if a sale "falls through" or we are unable to collect payment from the bidder?
(Bidder ignores our calls, doesn't show up, etc.) We will relist, and deny them future bidding.

How long are units usually up for auction? For Texas Chapter 59 Seized units, it should be at least 16 Days. The amount of time the auction is posted is up to the facility. The more time the better the results you can expect.

Can we auction vehicles on your site? Yes, you can auction vehicles on our site. You would just need to follow all lien law processes as you would for a live auction before posting.

What if the unit receives no bids?
We would suggest a relist.



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