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* You can now have the Auctioneer that specializes in Storage unit liquidations.
* Over 5 Million Dollars in annual Storage/Liquidation Sales
* It's Me, Im the one they are talking about !!!
* Avoid scheduling an auction when there is another one near you
* Get more for your units! I Know what they are worth!
* You can have Bid Call Only or Entire Unit Liquidation Management.
* Increase Bidder Interest. Built in following with a known Storage unit Auctioneer.
* Auctioneer that advertises and promotes your sale. Beyond your requirements.
* Free Auctioneer Giveaways and door prizes to bidders when available.
* A delightful and fun experience, with a great Texas class auction chant
* Finally an auctioneer that WORKS FOR YOU, while making bidders happy too.
* Ill sell the contents of 1 unit or 100, the exposure & advertising is paramount!
* Call me now !!!! Let's start on your next auction !!!
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